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Want to Start Winning at Life? Then Stop Letting Fear Lead You and Start Saying Yes to What Scares You!

Say yes to challenges. Coach takes on new challenge. Nutrition starts today.

The Year of Yes!

Over the past year my life has completely changed for the better. I have more energy, I have more confidence, I’m happier, and I don’t show any signs of slowing down. A large part of this huge change is better nutrition and more exercise. Which makes sense since I’m a nutrition and fitness coach. But an even bigger impact on my life has been a huge shift in my attitude. Every time someone lays down a challenge in front of me I say YES! Since I’ve started this new mindset my training has been more focused, my nutrition is on point, I’m more engaged as a coach with my athletes. Overall this has been the most enriching and fulfilling year and I just keep going.

It all started with being in a rut. I’ve done the same old exercise. I’ve done the same old nutrition. My life seemed like it was on autopilot and I was just going through the motions. But there had to be something more out there. I’ve done and Ironman, I’ve done a marathon, I’ve tried different nutrition styles. Nothing seemed hard or adventurous anymore. Had I experienced all life had to offer. Certainly the answer had to be no.

Triple Threat Endurance Coach Skydiving. Living life to the fullest. Saying yes to an adventure of a lifetime. Taking training to the skies. Huge smile on her face. Windblown hair.

Let’s Go Skydiving-Go Big or Go Home Scary!

I was just getting back into my training and feeling somewhat uninspired. I was doing the same things now as I was in the past, but I didn’t feel that invigoration like before. I was in the break room with some friends at work when the idea first came up about going skydiving. I’ll be the first to admit, my first response was a big fat no. Jump out of a plane, absolutely not. I’m the person as a teenager who went on a roller coaster with my 6 year old sister and started crying. She had to comfort me because I just couldn’t handle the up and down of my stomach. And someone was asking me to jump out of a plane. So I told them maybe next time, and went on with my day. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was maybe missing something bigger than I could even comprehend at the time. I could hear their excited whispers about this awesome adventure they were about to take and thought, if I jump out of a plane what are the chances I would do it again. What about them? Are they going to do it again? Is there going to be a next time? I had to make a choice, start living life and taking on all challenges head on or give up and basically put in the motions until I die. When I shifted view on the opportunity the decision became a no-brainer. I had to say YES! So started my year long, and hopefully longer, journey to saying yes to new challenges that arose.

Coach favorite raw meal. Five-Pepper Vegetable Chili. Trying a new challenge Raw vegan nutrition. Healthy meals in minutes.

Help Eat Raw for the Month-Learn a New Way to Fuel Your Life

So apparently there is a whole movement called Veganuary, where you eat as a Vegan for the month of January. And a good friend of mine challenged me to go a step further and go raw for the month of January. My first thought, surprisingly, was, “hmm, that sounds interesting. I’m going to give that a shot.” My second thought was “what did I just agree to?!” But I marched ahead and went raw for a month. And what an amazing experience. You can read more in detail about my month being raw here. And look up my favorite raw recipe here. This challenge opened up my eyes to a whole new way about thinking about nutrition and what it meant to fuel my body with whole foods rather than processed foods. Sure I had been working on nutrition for a few years with some successes and some challenges. But this was a whole new experience. For the first time my body really felt like it was my own. It had a vibrancy and almost as if I had a live wire running through my body fueling me with more energy than I would ever need. And for the first time I felt nourished instead of deprived. Now I haven’t maintained being 100% raw since January, but in prep for my physique competition I did an additional 7 weeks. And overall I’ve maintained a 90% Vegan/Raw nutrition lifestyle.

Skate Ski the Birkie – Learn a New Skill

Now that I’m saying yes to everything, my life has started to change for the better. I have more energy and I’m actually racing better than I ever thought I would again. So when I completed Arizona 70.3 and had a much better race than expected I was little bummed it was the end of the racing season. So my good friend again challenged me to ski the Birkie, a 50k skate ski race. Want the details on how that race went, check it out here. But the key to this is that even though I hadn’t skate skied before I didn’t let that stop me. I figured out how to get lessons, practiced skiing and met a whole bunch of super awesome people. These are people I wouldn’t have normally been able to meet and my life is richer for have crossed their path. Not only that but by saying yes to this challenge that set up up to be able to participate in the National Winter Triathlons. Check out what the winner of that race had to say about racing and mindset.

Saying yes to a challenge. Coach Before and After Picture for Physique Challenge Competition. Smiling Face. Bikini Top and boy shorts bottom. Training and hard work pays off. Huge difference in before and after 12 week progression

Physique Challenge-Go Beyond

About 18 months ago I met someone who had competed in a physique competition through an affiliate I work with for coaching and nutrition. And I thought, wow, I could never do that. At the time I was still struggling with the passing of my mom, I was overweight, and I was in the middle of launching my business. But after finishing the Birkie I was feeling like I was just drifting again. What’s next? And I remembered the gentleman from a year and half ago and I thought why not me. With all the changes I’ve made to my body. Finding the nutrition that worked for me. Why couldn’t I be in a physique competition? So here I go again. So I doubled my efforts, put together a strength training program, hammered down my nutrition and started making gains. I couldn’t believe the changes my body was making over just twelve weeks. And the amazing thing about the competition I entered is it was for people of all walks of life who have made positive body composition changes through Beachbody products. There were woman who have had babies, women who were in there 40s, 50s and beyond. Women who haven’t completed their journey. What an awesome way to celebrate all walks of life.

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Saying Yes to What Scares You-Winning at Life

I’ve grown so much over the past year. I have more confidence, more energy, more excitement for life. And it’s all because I was willing to start saying YES. Now that’s not to say it was easy. I had butterflies in my stomach more than once. I almost didn’t go to the prejudging for the physique competition. I almost quit half way through the Birkie. I tried to back out of eating raw for the month before I even started. And what if I wouldn’t have accomplished some of the adventures. I’d still be here. Life wouldn’t have ended. But I wouldn’t be the person who is more enriched, has met more colorful people, who’s been inspired by others, and hopefully I’ve inspired others through my positive actions. So the next time you’re thinking about putting on the breaks, try instead stepping on the gas and taking on your next adventure with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

How About You…

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