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Why I Loved Being Raw For A Month!

I finished a month of eating raw, and here is what I learned. I loved it! In fact I loved it so much that I decided to make my life more raw than not. I remember the apprehension I felt the few days before going raw, and had I only known how easy it would be I would have been more excited!

Here are some of the things I loved about being raw:

  • One – I have never been much of a cook. I have a tendency to burn food, because I put it on the stove to simmer and then promptly forget about it as I flit around to some other project I’m in the middle of working on. There is nothing I find as painfully boring as stirring a pot of food as it cooks. That is why I loved raw. I basically throw a bunch of ingredients into a food processor or blender mix it all together, pour it on to a plate and start to eat. Meal prep was around 10-15 minutes. Perfect for me!
  • Two – I love fruits, vegetables, and nuts. And the longer I went raw the more ways I found to work with these main ingredients in new and interesting ways. Everything started taking on an earthy flavor that I love. And as I was reading new recipes I’d come across ingredients I hadn’t heard of and would need to do a little research. This is how I found out that I love Tamari!
  • Three – Leftovers don’t take on a weird taste over the next couple of days. Everything is fresh and uncooked, so you don’t have to worry about eating rubbery chicken after it’s been zapped in the microwave the next day. I actually looked forward to meal prep on Sundays because I’d be able to make a bunch of lunches for the coming week and wouldn’t have to worry about anything getting funky.
  • Four – I was shocked by the amount of energy I had the month I went raw. I’ve tried many different types nutrition plans, from counting calories, to Southbeach, to Whole 30, to Paleo, and nothing left me feeling as energized as being Raw. I felt like I had turned into one of those people that has so much energy that you almost wonder if maybe they are taking something a little extra, wink, wink. But honestly I felt super focused and energized all month long. I probably made more progress on my goals during the month of January than I did the whole previous year.

Does that mean you should go raw? Honestly, it’s a personal decision. I’m not sure if going raw would have the same effects for everyone that it did for me. Do I think it’s a viable option that should be looked at? Absolutely! Do I think it’s the only way to live and everyone should go raw…NO. I think everyone is on their own journey and needs to find what works for them. I’d love to work with anyone who is looking to make a change through diet and exercise and find a process that works for them!