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Beth takes a very personal approach to her coaching. Shows a genuine interest in you as an athlete and how you are progressing. Excellent communication — Orien S.

Hey, Coach- Just wanted to thank u for the great workouts this month! I can’t believe how much my running has improved! U rock!!!! — Cathy K.

Coach Beth provides expert advice, encouragement and support all the way to the finish line. Triple Threat Endurance made training for an Ironman fun. — Angie H.

BEST PART OF TRI CLUB? THE PEOPLE!, I’m fairly new to the group, however the group and coach are extremely welcoming. I love the group workouts. I feel that there is a lot of variety to adapt your training for any sport or event. My favorite workout is swim. I enjoy the intensity of the workouts. The best part of Tri Club is the people! Great group of people that are extremely welcoming and supportive. Training for a long distance swim event and having a background in swimming, I have learned different techniques to tweek my stroke to increase efficiency and speed. All swim equipment is provided for practices. I haven’t had a chance to attend a bike workout, but hope to at some point to try the Wahoo kickrs. The group is awesome and you will improve! — Noelle Andrychowicz

I love the low key atmosphere! You get a great workout, but without any drama or stress. I love the brick. I’m determined this year to cut down my transition times. I know I’ll be able to do that with all the practice we get doing transitions during the super brick. I’m even learning how to get out of my shoes while still on the bike. The Wahoo Kickrs are amazing! Everyone should check out Triple Threat Endurance. If you’re looking for a great workout and having fun with other triathletes this is the place for you! — Karlie

Triple Threat Endurance is enjoyable. I learned so much about endurance training with fellow athletes going through the same things. My favorite class is spinning. It keeps me in bike shape throughout the inclement winters. Tri club is great because I love seeing everyone succeed at attaining our variety of goals. Throughout my training I have learned to become tough – physically and mentally! The Wahoo Kickrs have helped me prepare for out of state triathlons by being able to bike the course. Don’t’ walk, RUN to join Triple Threat Endurance! — Bob F.

I recommend Beth Amos, triathlon coach, without hesitation! I have known Beth since 2010 when we worked together at my son’s school. I always found her to be a positive, productive and supportive person to work with. When I became interested in getting back into shape after many years as a single parent with “no time” to work out, Beth challenged me to undertake a simple plan of action. I was able to achieve my goals AND beyond by completing my first triathlon less than a year later…and that was before she even became a coach:) It was shortly after that I learned that Beth was training to complete an Ironman (which she did!), and eventually for certification as a coach (which she has now achieved). It made perfect sense to me that she was pursuing a career in coaching. I now have the pleasure (and pain!) of being coached by Beth in her triathlon club. What I appreciate most about her style is how she is able to motivated in a relaxed way with a great sense of humor…workouts are fun! I am confident that if you sign up with Beth, she will have you swimming, running and cycling your way to success in no time! — Amy M.

EACH ATHLETE IS DIFFERENT AND TRAINED ACCORDINGLY! I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Beth Amos I have been coached by Beth for a little over a year and during this time I’ve had the best coaching experience and have also been injury free. She has also helped me overcome the injuries I came with (or at least listened to my physical therapist). She understands how important a coach is and provides encouragement, challenges limits and responds to questions in a reasonable amount of time. She customizes training plans that suit the athlete. Beth understands that each athlete is different and does not treat people different because of athletic ability. She understands that not everyone will podium and finishing a race is an accomplishment in itself even if goals are not met. She also understands how disappointing a DNF is after months of training and that lessons are learned from each race no matter what the outcome is and to never give up. It has also been fun to watch Beth over the last couple of years gain strength and endurance in Triathlons and she is an inspiration to me. — Erika L.