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Positivity – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!

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Using Positivity to Better Yourself and Everyone

I recently attended a coaching conference where Shawn Actor, author of Big Potential, was a keynote speaker. I was super excited to hear what he had to say because it plays so much into how I try to live my everyday life. A major part of his message was about using positivity to change our mindset and lift those around us.

I thought this was so interesting especially coming at it as a triathlon coach. As many of us know triathlon can be a lonely sport, where we spend a lot of time alone, swimming, biking, and running. But as I thought about those I coach as well as my own training I started to notice how we actually come together as a group lifting each other up. Have you ever noticed if your with a group that is complaining and negative the workout seems hard, but if you have a bunch of people with a ton of positivity just oozing out of them then the workout seems a lot more fun? As we come together to train we need to shift our mindset to positivity not just for ourselves, but to lift the group up.

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When I was in junior high I had a teacher who’s mouth was always turned down and she had permanent frown lines. I remember thinking that I didn’t want that to happen to me and I swear I spent my eighth grade year with this foolish grin on my face, just to prevent permanent frown lines. The amazing thing is that it’s been proven when you smile more it will elevate your mood. And even if you’re faking the smile it will still work, and pretty soon you won’t be faking it any more but actually truly smiling. Then that positivity will start moving into other areas of your life. Things seem better and tough situations seem easier.

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Mindset

Around my mid-thirties I really started to look at my life and looking at what I could do to bring more positivity into it. I started working out and training again and enjoying my passion for athletics. I started following my dreams of becoming a coach and surrounding myself with athletes. And now I’ve recently decided to return to school the expand my knowledge on health, nutrition, and fitness.

Beyond that I started exploring this idea of what I put out into the universe is what I get back. I wanted to see if I put positivity out there is that what I would get back? Something many of you know is that I constantly chew gum. I can’t do a workout if I don’t have gum. I had to make multiple gum adjustments during my ironman. Literally I don’t know if I could live without gum. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I really love gum.

Putting Positivity to the Test

Anyways, I was one of those people who would throw my gum out of my car window. I justified it by saying that no one would step on it because it’s in the middle of the road. Now for how much I love gum I equally hate stepping in dog doo. And I figured there were probably people who hated stepping on gum as much as I hated stepping in dog doo.

One day I decided to change my mindset about throwing my gum out the window. I decided that if there was any possibility that even one person may step on my gum then that was one person too many. So I stopped throwing my gum out the window. And what I noticed was once I stopped throwing my gum out the window I also stopped stepping in dog doo. Now you may think this is a coincidence or that I’m being more careful. But there have been times where I was just about to step in it and something made me look down just in time.

Can Everyday be a Five Star Day?

Positivity starts with a great mindset

But could I really see positivity in my life? Could I lay down a gauntlet so to speak? We get the newspaper at work. Everyday I check my horoscope to see how many stars I’m having that day. And the stars would range anywhere from 2-5 stars. Now how better to prove positivity in my life than to have five starts everyday. So I put that out to the universe. Now I probably have a five star day 95% of the time.

So now I know that if I want positivity in my life I need to put positivity out into the world. It’s really changed my mindset on how I approach everything in life. Many years ago I gave up watching the news because it focused too much on the negative and not the positive. I read positive books, and for movies I mainly watch comedies or animation. When I’m thinking I focus my energy on putting everything into the positive. If I’m hoping for a sunny day instead of saying, “I hope it doesn’t rain”. I say instead, “I hope we have an amazing sunny day”. Or if I’m worried about keeping track of a personal item I’ll say, “I’m going to remember where this item is”. Instead of, “I hope I don’t lose this item”. By putting out into the universe the positive that is what you’ll get back.

This change in my mindset has even changed how I approach how I work. For the past twenty years I’ve worked as an accountant. Much of the accounting life is spent looking at profit and loss and break even scenarios. And as I started my coaching business, of course a lot of that mentality came with me. And it made sense. I was running a business and I wanted to make a living doing it.

But what if instead of looking at my athletes as income numbers I shifted my mindset. I needed to look at what I was doing to actually help change lives. I’m so much happier now that I’ve started making changes in my life. How could I bring that mind-shift into my business. So my goals for business changed from how much money could I make to how many live could I help change for the better.

I know that for my part I have to continue to put out positive energy. To continue to push and elevate those around me. And as I was listening to Shawn Achor give his presentation I was so intrigued by what he had to say about pursuing goals alone. I realized that even though I pursue the solitary sport of triathlon, and even though I’m and introvert and need time alone to recharge. I also need others in my life. So I started looking at who I surround myself with. Friends who also are athletes and always pushing me, coaches who help guide me to be my best, family that always encourage me to strive for more.

Together We are Better

And I realized it was true, alone I would not have been able to accomplish half of what I have. If I didn’t have a supportive husband who let me run wild with all my harebrained schemes I wouldn’t be an ironman or a coach. If I didn’t have family and friends that supported me I wouldn’t have the a thriving coaching business. And if I didn’t have all my wonderful coaches I’d remain stuck on a plateau instead of continually growing and achieving. Check out my previous blog to decide if a triathlon coach would be right for you.

Honestly there are so many things that make life wonderful, but I found the main two things that have made my life wonderful were having a positive mindset and wonderful people to enjoy the journey with.