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Can I Eat Out on My New Nutrition Plan?!

So January is coming to a close and I’m still going strong on my raw diet. It’s been an interesting month. I’ve saved quite a bit of money by eating in rather than hitting the fast food chain or restaurants. And I’ve tried a lot of new fruits and veggies along with different ways to prepare them.

But it hasn’t all been unicorns and rainbows. I had three team dinners to attend in the month of January. And these are all out, fancy restaurant team dinners. One of them was at Rodizio’s in Maple Grove and I will admit that I was drooling a little bit. If you’ve never been it’s quite the place. At this restaurant they actually bring you platters of meat that they serve you, and when you’re done with that piece another wait-staff is there with another style of meat to try. And to boot the night we went was bacon night.

Now it’s been three weeks since I’ve had any meat, let alone any cooked food, so my temptation was at code AMBER. But instead of going into full on panic mode, I went in prepared. I knew where we were eating so I checked out their menu online ahead of time. This isn’t just for people who are going raw, this is for anyone who wants to know more about what they are eating period. Many places now offer menu along with Nutrition information. So now you can go in knowing if need to make substitutions and what they have to offer.

I was fortunate because Rodizio’s had a complete salad bar that was fully stocked with all things salad as well as a great assortment of fruits and veggies. But if they weren’t I’m sure there would have still been different styles of salads available. And if you do end up going to a restaurant that only has a basic green salad with little fixings available order that, and then bring a small ziplock bag with additional items such as, seeds, nuts, dried fruits. All easily portable and will help bring a boring salad to life.

Because ultimately when you’re dining out it’s usually because of the company you’re with firstly and the food secondly. Now if you’re with a group of people who love their desserts, and I was, then you’ll need a second plan of action. See if the restaurant offers assorted fruit. I found the more fruit I ate, and the less processed sugar I consumed, the more I loved the fruit and my sugar craving was satisfied. If they don’t offer any fruit then pop a piece of gum in your mouth, or sip on some lemon water, or tea. And if all else fails, ask the person next to you if you can just smell their dessert. I do this quite often, and will get some funny looks, but it helps just to get a smell of something indulgent.

Always remember it’s a choice of what we put in our mouths. We have the control, not the food. And if there is a minor slip up, which can happen, as we are only human, take a moment to recognize it as just that… a minor slip up, and get back on track. You can do it!