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Goal for Winners -Excuses for Losers

Running toward goals and a healthy lifestyle. Finish First

Winner meeting goals. Good nutrition helped Wayne Gretzky become a champion on the ice. Wayne Gretzky went on to become a great coach of champions.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” Wayne Gretzky”

When I set a goal to go raw for the month of January I had a bit of freak a out moment at the end of December. I started thinking, and then I started getting overwhelmed, and then I started eating junk food. Not the best way to set goals and attempt something new.

But my friend who had encouraged me to try going raw summed up what a successful person does instead with a simple statement, “if you don’t know what to do, do research.” Of course, one of my favorite quotes is: “A goal without a plan is just a wish,” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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You Have Every Reason to Say Yes to Your Goal and Try Something New

In today’s world there really isn’t any reason to not do something just because it’s new or different, or we’ve never done it before. Did you know a baby falls on average 17 times every hour when they’re learning to walk.

goal of learning to walk met by child

A baby’s goal is to be able to walk, but what if after the first or second attempt they threw in the towel and said walking just isn’t for me. We’d all be crawling around on all fours for the rest of lives.

Information Age for Setting A Goal

And now research is no big deal. Remember in the not so long ago past in order to do research it meant a trip to the library and the card catalogue. Now a days we are literally living in the information age. We are actually bombarded with information everywhere we turn. We have social media galore, Wikipedia, friends, families, books, magazines.

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You can’t help but fall over information. The best place to start with information would be friends and family. Those who have walked the path before you are sure to know the path and can give you helpful information on avoiding pitfalls they ran into when they were starting.

Social Media to the Rescue!

Social media is also a great place to get information. Unless you are planning on starting a completely new hobby or creating a new national pastime, you’ll most likely find information widely available on the web.

Social Media can help you find information on goals you are setting

But remember just because it was on the internet doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. That means finding more than one source for your information. Cross reference what you hear on the web with additional information you gather from professionals in the field you’re studying.

So when I was freaking out about being raw, the first person I sought out was my friend. She had already gone down the path and had a handful of YouTubers that she followed and was able to give me a summary of what there channel was about and why I might be interested in following them and how they could help on my journey.

I knew if I want to be successful at meeting my goal of being raw for a month I needed to understand what was causing my anxiety. I did some self reflecting on why I was feeling conflict about starting this new journey.

In Deep thought thinking about goals and learning how to eat raw for a healthy lifestyle.

My friend mentioned eating intuitively and being able to eat all you wanted because I’d be eating mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. But I’d grown up eating three meals a day with a couple snacks mixed in. And I have a partner that also eats that way. How was I going to just eat when I was hungry? How were we going to share meals together?

Cookbooks and Raw?!

My continued research led me finding a couple of cookbooks. Not only did these cookbooks offer recipes of raw meals, but they also shared some background of how the authors got into living a lifestyle of raw too. They shared there journey from the start to some of the bumps in the road to what they do to maintain the lifestyle.

Healthy raw eating. Healthy Lifestyle

Probably the most intriguing thing I found in reading about their journey was that a lot of them started out as Vegan and here I was going from meat eater, full on sugar enthusiast, and devourer of processed food to raw. Hmm, kind of sounds like the story of my life. Goal setting seems to have a common theme with me to go big or go home. Why just do an Olympic or half iron distance triathlon when I can do a full Ironman. But that’s a story for another time.

Ready, Set, Raw!

And as January drew near I had an arsenal of information at my fingertips to help me be successful. I had friends and family in my corner, recipes picked out that I wanted to try,, here’s a great patriotic salad, and other people’s stories to watch and learn from. All that was left was to actually go out and do it on January 1st. And I did.

One of the things that stand in the way of people taking the shot at setting big goals is what if they miss, or what if they look silly or stupid. My life motto has become, “who cares.” I’ve been laughed at when I’ve looked silly, and I may not always be laughing with the person at the time, but usually in the end with some perspective, yes it was funny, and yes I did look silly. But who cares. If someone was laughing at me to intentionally hurt my feelings then they aren’t a friend of mine and there opinion of what I’m trying to do doesn’t matter to me.

Scary Goal? Yes, Please – Physique Competition!

Like when I participated in the physique competition my first thought, as I entered the prep room where everyone was getting ready, was something in this room doesn’t look like the others. And I had to smile. And sweat a little, and embrace the butterflies. You see, all I can do is be me. I’m not the woman with the long hair, with beautiful highlights, and the perfectly made up make, or the blinged out bikini.

Setting goals, for physique competition

Heck I opted to wear boy shorts instead of bikini bottoms. But that’s okay. Because I had a goal to compete and I would have never known how amazing it would feel to walk across the stage in the live event. Hearing everyone clapping and cheering for me and the positive change in my life if I hadn’t taken that chance. Are there things I would do differently? Absolutely, and next time I will. Because I have the courage to try and try again.

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Of course over the course of my life I’ve taken many shots and missed many times. But the point is that I took a chance, that I took the shot, and my life has been richer for it. What is your next shot going to be?